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B3 Academy

Live Super Early Bird: B3 Signal Pulse for Myofascial Release and Pain Relief Course (2 full days)

Live Super Early Bird: B3 Signal Pulse for Myofascial Release and Pain Relief Course (2 full days)

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How will you attend?

Duration: 14 hours 
Date: Saturday 30th November and Sunday 1st December 2024
Time: 09:00 - 12:30 & 13:30 - 17:00
Location: 54 Regent Road, Studio 7, Sea Point

This course demonstrates key myofascial pain syndromes that we encounter in daily practice with clients.

Outline & Learning Outcomes:

  1. The theory of Brain-Body Balance and functional neurology
  2. The basics about neurology and the brain
  3. Understanding how the brain regulates the body through proprioception and feedback mechanisms
  4. How to “test” muscles for activation/inhibition - an introduction to the B3 Functional muscle testing protocol
  5. How to release Myofascial tension using the B3 Signal & how to activate inhibited muscles using ‘Neurokinesis’
  6. Learn to solve the most common dysfunctions and discover solutions for injuries and pain symptoms 


To teach you how to activate brain-body biofeedback by applying neurokinetic techniques in order to ease pain.

These techniques help benefit the following brain & neurologically driven functions:

  • Stimulate the nervous system to improve sensory & motor mapping (improve the brains map clarity of the body)
  • Improve movement & range of movement in joints
  • Positively influence pain (instantly switch off pain by giving the brain a new stimulus)
  • Muscle activation & muscle contractility for sports performance-innervate muscles locally & globally
  • Proprioception & body awareness
  • Balance postural imbalances 

What neuromechanical skills will I learn?

  • Functional muscle testing-a modern neuro-fascial assessment tool
  • Application of the B3 sensory input bodywork technique on myofascia
  • Body alignment assessment, palpation techniques & body reading
  • Neurokinesis: motor-mapping movement patterns & exercise techniques

Will you join us?

In this course you will learn the practical application of the B3 Signal Pulse technique. This is an effective neuromuscular & myofascial release technique that you can apply on clients, friends and family.

You will expand your understanding of fascia, trigger points/B3 Signal Points & Proprioceptive Brain-Body Feedback Mechanisms.

You will also learn the Functional Neurology Muscle Testing technique to assess where muscle dysfunction or neuromuscular pain comes from.

Understand how the Motor Control centre of the brain controls movement and muscle activation; understand muscle inhibition patterns and the cause of pain in dysfunction.

Manual muscle testing: test for inhibition/activation of all relevant muscles

Learn to assess muscle imbalances and dysfunction using B3 protocol  

Course overview

Module 1 Introduction and Theory: Functional Neurology
Module 2 Lower Back Activation and Release
Module 3 Shoulder Activation and Release
Module 4 Neck and Headache Release
Module 5 Foot, Knee Release

Activation Course Certification Protocol

How does this course work?

You will be guided to evolve your understanding of the human body from a Neuro-biological perspective.

The techniques in this course are active and passive techniques based on biofeedback assessments. They are essentially either a sensory input stimulus (touch) or an exercise driven movement. There are no invasive treatments and no forceful manipulation techniques.

You are invited to join us in learning the technique, the material, and practise on a willing and healthy body. Results and effects can be experienced instantly. As any skill requires practice, persevere until you feel confident.


  • Free Access to the B3 Academy Activation Course within the app
  • Access to the B3 learning community for ongoing support
  • Certificate of completion

Will you join us?

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