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PREVIEW: Back Pain Relief Exercises

PREVIEW: Back Pain Relief Exercises

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Enjoy the FREE Preview of our Back Pain Relief Exercises to help you feel vital again!

Download the B3 Academy App at: https://b3.falkor.io

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Can you change pain? 

Yes. Instantly & repeatedly.

The brain learns pain. We now know that the brain can also unlearn pain, thanks to the principle of neuroplasticity.

Our brain has the ability to change and that means our chronic pain can be rewired or unlearned.
One of the ways we can practically do that is through movement.

Slow, controlled, conscious movement.

Movement changes pain in your brain

Did you know? Pain exists exclusively in the brain. The brain then sends a signal out to the affected body part. So to change pain, we need to address the brain, most improtantly your brains perception of your body.

In Brain.Body.Balance. we coined the term 'Neurokinesis' as movement strategies that rewire your brains perception of your body.

Movement truly is medicine

The following focused movements will send new neural signals to the pain map in your brain. The intention is to distract and reduce pain signals that have been learned through dysfunction, bad habits, poor posture or injury.

We can harness the changeable, neuroplastic nature of the brain to reverse the faulty pain pathways that have become programmed in our nervous systems. 

Movement truly is medicine.

Did you enjoy our preview?

Get your 8 exercises within our B3 Academy App that can help you ease back pain instantly and repeatedly. 

Will you heal with us?

Get your full 8 exercises and relief your back pain now!

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