I had a chronic lower back spasm for almost 10 months

I had a chronic lower back spasm for almost 10 months


I have been practicing Ashtanga Yoga for 14 years. In August 2017 I landed up on a B3 table when I had exhausted possibly every therapeutic avenue. I had a chronic lower back spasm for almost 10 months when I went to see Simone. In 3 months she gently worked the technique and my body started to heal itself. To be honest I had no idea what she was doing in those sessions. What I did know was that Simone's way of working, together with her exponential knowledge of anatomy, muscle testing and movement, set me free of some serious physical pain. I wanted to learn how to do what she could do. It started out as my own self interest, but it very quickly turned into an incredible passion for this technique, and a re-affirmed reverence for the intelligence of the Human Body. With the correct input and stimulus it has exponential capacity to heal itself. Learning to facilitate this process is what the B3 technique is all about.

My experience of the activation course was great. The class was small, but with just enough of us to be able to practice on each other. Simone took her time explaining the techniques and how everything applies to the anatomical neuromuscular landscape of the human body. She patiently taught the art of her distinctive pulse-technique. Simone was always very supportive, encouraging, and welcomed any questions.

With the activation course we learnt more detailed road maps, largely inspired by Thomas Myers' Anatomy Trains. It was challenging for me to allow some practitioners to work my body. Being energetically sensitive, and physically very responsive my body became my own laboratory to learn what I like and don't like as a client. This translated well into making be a more mindful practitioner, having had direct experience of so many different versions of this technique. Like any craft proficiency in this technique takes time, gentle dedication and consistent practice. 

Both courses ask that you put in the time and practice, requiring 3 full case studies of 3 sessions each, including technique analysis, protocol, as well as being able to anatomically read a body, and confirm these readings and a particular way of working the technique with muscle testing. It is a wonderful technique. Soft yet deep, non-invasive but working on a cellular level, using the gateway of the fascia.

I feel very privileged to have knowledge of this technique and to be able to apply it in my own practice as a healing facilitator.


Nadia Van der Schyf , Germany

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