What is B3 Life?

B3 Life was created from the sentiment that a healthful lifestyle (peak health and performance) is much more than only diet and exercise.

Our bodies - as they are in this very moment - are a result of our entire life’s thoughts, habits, and the way we process / hold our emotions.

Within the B3 Life space, we offer our P.S. ME framework (Physical, Spiritual, Mental, Emotional) to help clients who want to feel vibrant and in love with every aspect of their lives.

P.S. ME is implemented, amongst other modalities, through B3 bodywork (Physical), Reiki and Bioresonance (Spiritual), and Psych-K (Mental) processes that allow you to transform limiting beliefs stored in your Subconscious Mind, and coaching you to manage emotions (Emotional).

We are considerate of the fact that solutions might exist outside of these paradigms and models of belief, and aim to work mindfully with regards to each individual's own beliefs and knowledge.


Understand & Handle Your Emotions, Learn Ancient Tools like Tapping, Qigong, Breathing, Perception Shifting & Feel Great!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

This online course includes:

  • 1 hour on-demand video
  • 59 articles
  • 44 downloadable resources
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion

What you'll learn

  • Understand Emotions as Energy in Motion (E-Motion) and How They Affect Our Physical Health When Not Handled Appropriately
  • Where in Our Physical Body Emotions Manifest - Recognise the Emotion by Feeling the Discomfort / Pain in the Physical Body
  • Understand the Hidden Language your Emotions Speak within Your Body
  • Relationship between Emotions (Sadness, Worry, Fear, Anxiety, Anger) and the 5 Element Theory (Metal, Earth, Water, Fire, Wood)
  • Explore Different Tools to Balance Emotions Out of Equilibrium (Breathing, Journaling, Tapping, Qi Gong, Meditations)
  • Learn how to Ask Powerful Transforming Questions: to Change an Undesired Emotional State into a Desired State (Feeling)
  • Create Your Own Personal Manifesto (Personalised Journaling Tool for Self-Awareness)
  • Learn Empowering Techniques to Handle Your Emotions and Promote Overall Wellbeing
  • Uncover the Ancient Practice of tapping and its Modern Application to Harmonise Your Emotional State
  • Help your Body Break Free from Emotional Blocks that might be Holding you Back in Life
  • Develop Deep Self-Awareness of How Your Emotions Impact your Body, Mind and Life
  • Gain Tools that Empower you to Transform the Way you Handle and Understand Your Emotions, Leading to a more Fulfilling Vibrant Life