B3 Team

Welcome to the B3 Academy! My name is Simone Sittig and I am a Bodywork practitioner with nearly two decades of experience in private practice.

I am also the original developer and founder of the Brain.Body.Balance. myofascial release technique that I apply in my own practice. Due to the high success of the technique, the B3 Academy was created so that I may share my knowledge and experience with others. I have presented B3 courses and workshops in South Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Having always been an avid athlete and keen academic, I studied a Medical Honours degree at the University of Cape Town and qualified in Biokinetics and Exercise Science. Over the years, I've also studied Thomas Myers' Anatomy Trains, attended seminars as well as courses in neuromuscular therapy, sports massage, neurokinetic therapy and Z-health. We regularly update our coursework with new insights and knowledge.

I hope you enjoy learning with me!



Luciana Pierangeli

Hello, I'm Luciana - your B3 Life Coach! I love to share tools, concepts and frameworks to help you help yourself and your clients, live free of pain and tension by making your own health a priority, through education and application, and self accountability - one transformation at a time.

My passion is helping others expand their learning and knowledge so that they can increase their own vitality, health and wellness in order to live life with purpose.

Having been in the wellness industry for over 20 years and in coaching for over 6 years, I regularly deliver talks, content, group coaching sessions, and 1-on-1 coaching sessions for leaders. The topics I deal with are around wellness as a whole concept, including emotional management. I also host and organise wellness retreats, mastermind groups, and talks.

I am a P.S. ME (Physical, Spiritual, Mental, Emotional) framework developer, trained as an executive wellness coach, specialised in helping people become their healthiest self. Within the B3 Life side of the B3 Academy, I implement this framework. I consider myself to be a multifaceted individual: logical, athletic, and a curious entrepreneur. 

We have your wellness as our mission and priority. We are looking forward to walking and designing this path with you, on your journey to a full, wholesome life.

Joyous Wellbeing!