Severe Shoulder Pain Relieved Completely!

Severe Shoulder Pain Relieved Completely!

“I can undoubtedly recommend B3 bodywork to anyone who has ever suffered or is suffering from body aches and/or muscle pain. 

I discovered Brain Body Balance through a friend who is an athlete; she recommended that I seek treatment for a severe shoulder blade pain that was beginning to affect my breathing and gave me with chest pains. I could not manage the pain and was taking painkillers thinking it could help, but it didn’t.

After my first session I felt very tired and was told to embrace it and rest up – I had been suffering for more than 2 months. By the 2nd night, the pain began to ease away and after my 3rd visit I was well out of the pain zone, and by the 4th completely pain-free. It’s been over 6 months and I’ve never again experienced the pain I had. I’ve also been good at keeping up with my prescribed exercises which has made all the difference. I have every confidence in the technique and would highly recommend this practice to everyone.”

– Lucille Masher-Wenger, Strategist

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