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B3 Academy

PREVIEW: B3 Activation Course in App

PREVIEW: B3 Activation Course in App

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This course demonstrates key myofascial pain syndromes that we encounter in daily practice with clients. It provides you with tools to balance the most common elements of the core, shoulders, hips, knees, and the lower limbs.

In the introductory series, you will complete the following chapters:

  1. B3 Introduction
  2. B3 Functional Neurology (Proprioception & Neural Mission)
  3. B3 Application (Body Reading, The Pulse, B3 Session)
  4. Muscle Testing (Muscle Testing & Neurokinesis)
  5. Understanding Pain

You can download our App at:

And enjoy this and other free previews of our courses and workshops.

This course teaches you how to activate brain-body biofeedback by applying neurokinetic techniques in order to ease pain.

These techniques help benefit the following brain and neurologically driven functions:

stimulate the nervous system to improve sensory and motor mapping (improve the brains map clarity of the body)

Improve movement and range of movement in joints

Positively influence pain (opportunity to instantly switch off pain by giving the brain a new stimulus)

Muscle activation and muscle contractility for sports performance - innervate muscles locally and globally

Proprioception and body awareness

Balance postural imbalances

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