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Lower Back Pain Workshop (Self Study)

Lower Back Pain Workshop (Self Study)

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To teach you how to activate brain-body biofeedback by applying neurokinetic techniques in order to ease lower back pain.

These techniques help benefit the following brain & neurologically driven functions:

  • Stimulate the nervous system to improve sensory & motor mapping (improve the brains map clarity of the body)
  • Improve movement & range of movement in joints
  • Positively influence pain (instantly switch off pain by giving the brain a new stimulus)
  • Muscle activation & muscle contractility for sports performance-innervate muscles locally & globally
  • Proprioception & body awareness
  • Balance postural imbalances


The lower back pain workshop is designed with unique content developed by Simone Sittig, including real - life application, guidance, practical examples and assessments.

You will master concepts, skills, and methods like releasing muscles by using the B3 pulse, applying B3 functional muscle testing on muscles that contribute to lower back pain, re-activating inhibited muscles that were causing an imbalance in the body, and much more.

Plus, you will learn to help others release their lower back pain, by applying the B3 technique on your family and friends while you practise.

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